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From Belts to Baldrics, Straps and Scabbards, Renaissance Faires to everyday accoutrements, Will O’ the Wolf has leather goods to suit any wish or need. All of our pieces are locally-sourced and handmade by a single craftsman; Each piece is unique unto itself. 


Each leather craft is individually hand-tooled, carved, stained and finished from vegetable tanned leather before being burnished to a smooth shine. Width, layers, buckle options, hardware and various strap options are all available upon request.

Estimated Price List

  • Belt - starting at $150

  • Belt Straps - $35

  • Wand Holster - $70

  • Pet Collars - $40

  • Bracers - $50

Quote Request

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You will receive a formal quote via email within 2-3 days, excluding holidays. 

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